Tuesday, March 22, 2011



MACROKIOSK powers Pigeon Clocking Sports in Philippines

The Race:
In the northern part of Philippines, usually in the Luzon area, pigeons are trained to take part in a community sport which aptly called the pigeon race. There are about 120 clubs which owns about 1,000 to 2,000 race pigeons. These club members will than compete with each other to see whose race pigeon can return to the designated loft in the shortest time. The race pigeon that reach the loft fastest will be the winning race pigeon. Is that simple!

The Coordination:
Prior to each race, the organizer will strap a stretchable sticker that contains an 8 digit numeric code to the race pigeon. This code will represent the identity of the race pigeon. The race pigeons are then release simultaneously. Once the race pigeon arrives at the respective loft, the owner will than need to send an SMS containing the 8 digit numeric code to a MACROKIOSK shortcode which is connected to the Pigeon Clocking Portal. The portal will then tabulate the time it takes for the race pigeon to arrive its loft. Certainly, the fastest time will be the winner.

The Future:
The Pigeon Clocking Portal will be enhanced with newer version that encompasses WAP, MMS and 2D/3D codes. The organizer will also spread its wing in promoting this friendly yet competitive sport to other countries namely China, Taiwan and Vietnam via MACROKIOSK extensive connectivity and reached.

The Founder:
The Pigeon Clocking System is founded in year 2007 by Mr. Gilbert E. Laurel, in the Philippines. MACROKIOSK is honoured to be a part of this high flying sport.

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